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With changes in climatic conditions and budget reductions in local government, you are more likely to require a private pest controller now than at any other time previously.  From ants to moles, houses to warehouses - we're here to look after you and to make sure your pest issue is sorted efficiently and discreetly.  With full public liability insurance you can be confident that you are dealing with a professional and committed pest control company.



At Hemingford Pest Control, we have over thirty years experience in customer service and understand how important it is that you, our client, feel that you are being dealt with fairly.  



We believe that…


  • You need be treated with respect at all times
  • You should be informed of all charges before they are incurred
  • You must be aware of all the factors affecting your pest issue
  • We need to be aware of developing treatments and pest technologies
  • We must carry out full risk assessments on all site surveys
  • We need to have consideration for the environment and all non-target species


Hemingford Pest Control commit to all of our promises to you and aim to ensure that our pest technicians adhere to our program of continual development and training.



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