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 Be it domestic or commercial, many pest infestations can be prevented before they occur.  Good housekeeping, hygiene regimes and refuse clearance are three ways of minimising infest risks.



However, some pests find us by 'accident'; maybe through a party wall or in the case of bedbugs, inside a piece of secondhand furniture purchased from an auction site.  In many instances, there is nothing we can do to prevent a possible pest infestation...or is there?

Knowing what to look for and where to look are important, understanding pest behaviour is vital and vigilance is key.  At Hemingford Pest Control we can provide you with the information to help prevent pests entering your property.

As part of any call-out and accepted estimate, we will give a free site survey and report on how best to protect your home or business.  The pest control industry calls it IPM (Integrated Pest Management), at Hemingford Pest Control we call it common sense.



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